My name is Daniel I’m currently 27 years old; I am a big supporter of Manchester united football club. Multiple times a year I go to turkey, I like going to turkey so I can get a golden tan, eat lovely food and talk to all the lovely locals in marmaris. My favourite thing to do in turkey is go for a Turkish shave. I’ve been going to turkey for 15 years and I go twice a year every year. After the first year of going to turkey me and my family loved marmaris that much that we decided we would go the year after year.

When I was 2 and half years old I fell into a fish pond. I fell into a fish pond even though i got out of the fish pond within a few seconds; my lungs had filled up with water stopping the oxygen going to my brain. I have now been left with a brain injury. I’m now attending friends together 3 days a week and also have pa hours with lee. I enjoy friends together because Phillip Barlow is there and he is my favourite human on earth.

I really like the day on Tuesday because we going to cinema and bowling. I also like Thursdays doing computer class which is where I’m currently writing all about myself.

At Saturday club we go to different places each week such as swimming, bowling, museums and crazy golf. I like the fact that we don’t just stay in Sheffield we go to places such as Leeds Doncaster and Barnsley. Saturdays can become a little tiring each week recently we have started having a day at the workshop which is really nice and chilled out. A few weeks ago we stayed in the workshop and did long term planning some of my ideas where go to another escape room, go to the deep, legoland I also suggested that one week we could go to a match such as football or ice hockey.