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Never A Dull Day
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Our Story

Friends Together (Out of the Box Services Ltd.), is a family run business that provides support for people who need extra help to lead a more fulfilling and inclusive life. We do this by working in a person centred way, supporting our students and customers to reach their potential in their own time, doing something meaningful for them. Our customers are involved in planning activities for groups and their own personal support.

We are not a charity, we are a business providing services that we believe add value to people’s lives. We respect the people who use our services enough to call them customers. We respect their autonomy, and we’re grateful they chose us. Our aim is to provide a bespoke service for each individual, helping them grow in confidence.


We believe our customers deserve the best service for their money and we aim to provide a service that keeps customers returning.  Our customers form a trusting relationship with us as individuals, built on mutual respect, and one of our key aims is to keep and grow that aspect of what we do along with the rest of the business.


When we meet with our customers and their families, we keep hearing the same things: People want something better for themselves and their loved ones than ‘big faceless companies.’  That is why we exist. We start with a level of responsibility and autonomy that means when you contact 'Friends Together', you will talk to one of us directly, and we can start discussing your situation and needs.


Our managed PA service takes away all the worry and concerns you may have, by taking responsibility for everything that goes with employing staff. Our aim is to guarantee holiday and sickness cover using alternate support staff that you know and trust so that customers have a main PA, and then someone who will back them up when they are unavailable.