Hello this Janine explaining about why she likes to go cycling.

We are people


We like to hang out with a mate.

Stay up till its really late.

Even if we are disabled.

Or have difficulties.

We are people.


We listen to music, wide range.

It doesn’t matter if it is a little strange

We have a voice

No matter our circumstance

We are people


Some can sing, some like to dance

Play the drums, play the bass

It doesn’t matter what we do.

Or who we are

We are people.


Some are owls, others are blades

But when we are together, we have a rave

We need freedom to be who we want

And no matter who we are

We are people


We have many difficulties

Some are Autistic, Others are in a chair

Even if we have a carer talk to us

We are not invisible and, in the end,

We are people



By Michael

Family is usually what comes to mind,


Relationships like these are hard to find,


In the beginning each one was shy,


Empowering each other the love ran high,


Nobody understands the bonds we have,


Days go by, with each a new path,


Sewing, knitting, and all our crafts,



To swimming, bowling and all our laughs,


On wards and up wards is our intention to go.


Genius ideas we imagine and show.


Everyone together, joined as one,


Taking the hard days that may yet to come.


Home is here with the warmth from our hearts,


Everybody at friends together left their marks,


Reality shows that no the weather we are always together.  

Friends Together
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By Danny / Autumn 


I am what I am and cannot change.


I have in my life wished I could but was not able too not for myself I should add but the those who criticised, made fun off me or showed me little or no respect.


I am what I am and cannot change. 


The times people stare, make comments about me, laugh at me sometimes I feel on my own in a world that only holds me.


I am what I am and cannot change.


I now know that I am not on my own here thier are many like me some are different on the outside and some they are different on the inside, but we are all the same we are all equal we are one.


I am what I am and will not change.

By Carl