Meet the Workshop Staff


Workshop Manager,

Josh Waddilove

I began working at Friends Together on 01/04/2015. I had started as a volunteer one Saturday, and went to full time shortly after. I later took on all offsite activities, adding a lot of new ideas. As manager, I'm continuing to expand on those ideas and make sure F2g provides stimulating, educational and fun activities for everyone.

Alana Clare.jpg

Alana Clare

Chris Warren.jpg

Chris Warren


Chelsey Jones 

Workshop staff not pictured:

Angie Nadin

Rachel Moxam

Dean Morton

Leah Byatt

Shannon Carney

Luna, F2g Mascot.png


Friends Together Mascot

Luna is the loyal protector of the Workshop and all of those within. She's working her way up to Junior Manager with the help of her dad, Josh.

Meet the PA Staff


Nadia Biscossi

(since 01/11/2020)

I was born in 1962 in Cisterna di Latina (Italy). In 1990 I decided to set up an educational services centre in my hometown.

 Thanks to individual and group projects variously conducted during my professional career, I was able to understand my true vocation: working "with" people and "for" people.

In January 2020 I arrived in Sheffield. I wanted to have a new experience of a job in a foreign country, and in October 2020, thanks to a member of Friends Together’s staff, I found this business and I started to work for them. I am very happy to have had this opportunity.

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Lee Stocks


Sam Barlow

cut Catherine out of this_edited.jpg

Catherine Barlow

PA staff not pictured:

Julie Blackwell

Juliette De Momigny

Isaac Stone

Lucy Gregory

Charlotte Allerton

Ursula Fox

Georgia Gill

James (Matt) Holt

Katie Thickett

Holly Burke

Gemma Whitton

Office Staff

Erin Rushton

James Buckley & Christine Buckley


Michelle Perry-Brooker