Meet the Workshop Staff

Workshop Manager,

Josh Waddilove

Chris Warren

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Staff not pictured:

Rachel Moxam

Angie Nadin

Tom Kenworthy

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Autumn Cousins

Cameron Cousins

Chelsey Jones

Meet the PA Staff


Nadia Biscossi

I was born in 1962 in Cisterna di Latina (Italy). In 1990 I decided to set up an educational services centre in my hometown.

 Thanks to individual and group projects variously conducted during my professional career, I was able to understand my true vocation: working "with" people and "for" people.

In January 2020 I arrived in Sheffield. I wanted to have a new experience of a job in a foreign country, and in October 2020, thanks a member of Friends Together ’s staff, I found this business and I started to work for them. I am very happy to have had this opportunity.

Catherine Barlow

Lee Stocks